Freezing time is my superpower

Hi, I am Annie! Your favorite photographer!

Born and raised in the PNW and bitten with the travel bug, I have over 10 years of experience photographing portraits and adventures for clients all around the world. I am passionate about traveling, creating, getting lost in the moment, and photographing deep connection and shared experiences. 


From life’s little adventures at home to exploring a majestic wonderland, I will be there to provide proof that it happened. Your fleeting moments will be forever frozen in time. I’m not just a portrait & documentary photographer but also your family’s historian. 


I am there for you so you can be in the frame. My purpose goes beyond bringing the camera. I want to create a fun easy-going experience for you and your loved ones to slow down and be truly present in the moment. No adventure is too big or too small. I only ask that you show up as you are and believe in a little bit of magic. ✨

Client Experience

My clients are fun-loving humans and pets who want genuine and artistic portraits and all the unscripted candid moments. They want to invest in their beautiful story with timeless art pieces to relive and remember what really mattered most. 


Photo experiences with me are comfortable, fun, and easy-going. I am there to observe you wander and do whatever brings you joy. Whether we land in your backyard or on a mountain top, I promise to authentically and artistically document your connections and personalities as you are.  


After our time together, comes the best part of my job: I get to show you the magic that I captured. You’ll receive a thoughtfully curated online gallery of all the best images from our time together. 

It’s your turn to see how beautiful your life really is, frozen in time. 


So, am I your photographer? What else would you like to know about me?

A few extra thoughts
  • I intimately understand how precious life is and that is why I am invested in documenting your experiences as if they were my own.
  • Pinchable really, that I genuinely love my job. The only thing that could make it extra dreamy is if I had my own travel food show like Somebody Feed Phil. Until then, exploring and creating memories that will last a lifetime is professionally and personally gratifying. (Thank you)
  • And for anyone keeping score, I am an ENFP and an Enneagram 7 wing 8. 
Oh and yes, I should probably admit that everything I do is over the top. Sorry, not sorry.
Adventure Portrait Photographer Annie Helen


Capturing you on your good side
Rolling on the ground to get the shot
Laughing really, really loud
Creating space for you and your loved ones to feel comfortable (I’ll even win over that family member who asked nicely if you could skip family photos this year)
Understanding what matters most. I capture magic in those fleeting moments. 

Favorite Things

Traveling – have passport, will travel. We’ve taken our kids to 6 countries and would like to add roughly 190+ more. Alone, I have traveled to 15 countries and studied abroad in Denmark.
Cheese – More Cheese Please. That is also the name of the restaurant I will open one day. Next door will be No More Cheese Please for those who love delish food sans fromage. 
Cooking – I LOVE to cook. I prepare meals 3-5 times a day (thanks pandemic) and find so much joy in creating food. I am more of an intuitive cook than recipe follower but send me your favorite recipes!
Dancing – I am always dancing. Fun extra fact: the kitchen is also for dancing.

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