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Hi! I'm Annie

Oregon Photographer, photographing in Portugal
kids playing at the playground in front of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain
Canby family traveling in Brussels Belgium

I'm best known to capture the true spirit of the person, anywhere, anytime. I take my time and observe with all senses what matters most to YOU. When I am not photographing the life you want to remember, I like to wear a shirt that says "I travel for food" and if that doesn't sum up everything you need to know about me, feel free to keep scrolling.

Cliffs notes: I am based in Canby, Oregon and will travel anywhere to photograph you.

Canby Oregon Photographer Annie Loaiza

I am a freelance photographer, artist, wanna-be comedian, overthinker, and hope to one day be on Amazing Race with my adventurous family

Canby photographer annie loaiza, with her golden retriever Luna at the Oregon Coast

I live with my 1 husband, 2 kids, and 2 dogs in Canby, Oregon. This is my best friend, Luna. She gives the best hugs.

My style of photography is empowering, emotive, and full of life

Where you can find me soon:
Portland, Oregon
Vancouver, Washington
Salem, Oregon
Hug Point, Oregon Coast
Bend, Central Oregon

Reach out if you have a destination in mind!


I specialize in creating a photo experience so full of ease, you will feel comfortable enough to be yourself

I will always bring enthusiasm and joy in everything I do. It's just the way I'm drawn. 

Whether you catch me collaborating with a brand or chasing the sunrise for that perfect portrait, you'll see an inspired creative passionate about what they get to do.


Photographing your good side 100%
capturing the true spirit of the person 100%
doing anything to get the shot 85%
being your hype girl 100%
Canby Woman in pink cardigan

A few of my personal interests that no one asked for:

Do we have anything in common?

Since 2011, I have been servicing the greater Pacific Northwest and beyond with captivating and storytelling images for brands and adventure seeking hearts.

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